DCI Trainee Membership


DCI Trainee Membership is open to Duke University students (undergraduate, graduate or medical), postdoctoral fellows, residents, and clinical fellows that participate in academic cancer research at the Duke Cancer Institute.

Benefits and Expectations

Benefits of being a DCI Trainee Member:

  • Eligibility to apply for DCI Annual Scientific Retreat Presentation Awards
  • Opportunity to attend DCI events and activities, such as Annual Scientific Retreat, Research Program Meetings and Retreats, DCI Seminar Series
  • Receive quarterly DCI Training and Education Newsletter and other communication announcing cancer-relevant news, events, funding and training opportunities within the DCI
  • Opportunity to have your grant pre-reviewed through the DCI Internal Grant Review process

Expectations of a DCI Trainee Member:

  • Submit in a timely and accurate manner annual requests for updates of Curriculum Vitae, Biosketch, or other requested documents for up to five years after completion of training at Duke University.

By applying and being approved as a DCI Trainee Member, you agree to allow DCI Administration viewing access to your pending and awarded grants/contracts information within the Duke Sponsored Projects System (SPS) for required reporting to the National Cancer Institute (NCI).


How to Apply

To apply for DCI Trainee Membership, interested individuals should submit a membership application form and supporting materials. Supporting materials include a research abstract and NIH biosketch. The research abstract and biosketch should describe the applicant’s cancer-related research interests.

Following submission of all requested materials, Duke Cancer Institute leadership will review applications. Those meeting the definition above will be granted Trainee Membership to the Duke Cancer Institute for one year. Membership must be renewed annually, including submission of an updated CV or NIH Biosketch. Applicants will be notified once membership decisions are made.