Bob Norris


Bob Norris, 82, lives in New Bern, North Carolina. He was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2003. After he recovered, his wife and adult son subsequently were diagnosed with lung cancer, and both died from their disease. Cancer free, Bob skydives once a year to raise funds to support ongoing cancer research at Duke Cancer Institute.


“I don’t want my great grandkids to know what cancer is — that is, unless they look in the dictionary or hear it on a history program. That’s why I’ve decided to do things to help raise funds.”

Photographed: January 16, 2015

Johnny Alston, 71, Durham, North Carolina, is in remission from prostate cancer that spread to his rib, lymph nodes and spine. He is photographed while directing a student production at North Carolina Central University, where he works part-time after serving as a theater professor for 41 years.


"If you don’t let it get you in the beginning, then every little upswing, every little positive thing that you hear or that happens to you, makes you stronger.” 


Photographed: May 5, 2016


His Story

This isn’t Bob Norris’s first rodeo. To raise awareness and funds in support of the Duke Cancer Institute, the New Bern resident drops everything for what has become an annual free-fall adventure. More