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Duke Cancer Care Research Program

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Patient-Provider Communication in Symptom Management
Phase: N/A
Sponsor: OTHER
Principal Investigator: Amy Abernethy
Contact: Lori Hudson
Phone: 919.668.1859
Reference Number: 00022071

Usability testing of the Q-DACT V2.0: an electronic quality monitoring system for community-based palliative care.
Phase: N/A
Sponsor: PI initiated
Principal Investigator: Amy Abernethy
Contact: Cheryl Brewer, RN
Phone: 919.668.3891
Reference Number: 00030134

Alliance A221303: Randomized Study of Early Palliative Care Integrated with Standard Oncology Care versus Standard Oncology Care Alone in Patients with Incurable Lung or Non-Colorectal Gastrointestinal Malignancies
Phase: N/A
Sponsor: Cooperative Group Initiated
Principal Investigator: Jeffrey Crawford
Contact: DCI Cancer Control & Population Sciences
Phone: 919.668.6220
Purpose: The study intervention consists of the early integration of palliative care services into standard oncology care in an outpatient setting for patients with advanced lung and non-colorectal gastrointestinal malignancies who are not being treated with curative intent. The palliative care services provided to patients randomized to the intervention will be provided by board-certified physicians and/or advanced practice nurses and will focus on the following areas: (1) developing and maintaining the therapeutic relationship with the patients and family caregivers; (2) assessing and treating patient symptoms; (3) providing support and reinforcement of coping with advanced cancer in patients and family caregivers; (4) assessing and enhancing prognostic awareness and illness understanding in patients and family caregivers; (5) assisting with treatment decision-making; and (6) end-of-life care planning.
Reference Number: 00062560
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