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Startup Workshop For Faculty & Staff

February 13, 2018 06:30am to 07:30am

At the Duke University Office of Licensing & Ventures, we are seeing an increased need from faculty and staff for workshops and info sessions on what it takes to start up a company from one’s research. This fiscal year we’ve already doubled the number of startups from last fiscal year. 

TechAtlas: Put tech into scientific & commercial context to create intricate competitive landscape maps 

How does a biotechnology fund manager with the flexibility to invest in any kind or stage of healthcare innovation decide what to invest in? 

Using competitive maps our team determines which companies should develop which technologies for which indications to create the most value.

If you are a researcher or executive, RA Capital’s methodology may help you decide:

  • which direction to go and
  • how to attract funding to your work by
  • helping us and other investors find their way to you

TechAtlas is a division of RA Capital that functions as an internal think tank, analyzing scientific and clinical data from academic literature and the thousands of industry product development programs we track to answer the following questions that we expect would be of interest to industry stakeholders, as well as policymakers, physicians, and patients



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