Surviving "Mortal Kombat" with Gastric Cancer

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Stomach cancer survivor Ron Peed in 2020 with his niece Natalie. After surgery to remove his stomach to treat stomach cancer in 2016, he lost 150 pounds.

Back in 1990, Ron Peed managed an arcade in a mall in Cary, N.C. So when he thinks about how he has persevered through his battle with stomach cancer, what comes to mind is the video game Mortal Kombat.

“There’s a big green bar above the screen, and every time someone kicks you in the head, it takes away from your positive green energy and puts you toward the negative red. If your life force gets below 25%, you’re going down, and that’s it,” Peed says.

“I looked at cancer like Mortal Kombat and just used the energy around me to build up my green bar so that when bad days came, I could just keep going.”

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