Integrative Metabolomics

Program Leadership

Xiaojing Liu, PhD
Jason Locasale, PhD
Juan Liu, PhD
Research Scientist

A Developing Shared Resource


Understanding the mechanisms underlying the interplay between cellular and organismal metabolism and cancer presents new opportunities for understanding biology and for translating knowledge for therapeutic and diagnostic gain. To this end, we offer a unique combination of state of the art instrumentation, leading technical know-how, computational modeling and software development capabilities, and biological expertise in metabolic pathway regulation in normal and cancer biology. 


Services and Technologies

Metabolite profiling (of 300 metabolites that covers cover most of cancer biology) and flux analysis, when combined with bioinformatics and scientific expertise, are powerful approaches that we are disseminating across the DCI and Duke communities.         

  • Tissue extracts
  • Plasma, biological fluids
  • Cell culture
  • Model organisms (Drosophila, C elegans, etc)

Flux Analysis

  • U-13C glucose tracing
  • Custom assays (e.g 15N, 2H, other substrates, in vivo analysis, etc)


  • Pathway analysis
  • Data interpretation
  • Flux analysis
  • Machine learning


Liquid Chromatography :: High Resolution Mass spectrometer :: Speed Vaccum :: Nitrogen dryer :: Multiplexed tissue homogenizer :: Computational capabilities and data analytics 


The Integrative Metabolomics shared resource is available to Duke investigators. If demand for facility services exceeds current capacity, Duke Cancer Institute members will receive first priority. Interested researchers can contact shared resource personnel to initiate shared resource activity. 


For current pricing information, please email Jason Locasale or call him at 919.684.9309