Cancers That Affect Women 2019 Research Award (2.11.19)

February 4, 2019
By: Kay Yow Cancer Fund

Funding Agency: V Foundation

The Kay Yow Cancer Fund, in partnership with the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association and the V Foundation for Cancer Research, was officially founded on December 3, 2007 from the vision of the organization’s namesake Kay Yow, former NC State University head women’s basketball coach.

Coach Yow was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 1987 before succumbing to the disease on January 24, 2009. The Kay Yow Cancer Fund is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization committed to being a part of finding an answer in the fight against women’s cancers through raising money for scientific research, assisting the underserved and unifying people for a common cause.

The Kay Yow Cancer Fund works in partnership and collaboration with the V Foundation for Cancer Research in regard to the request for and review of letters of interest, grant proposals and the awarding of women’s cancer research projects. The V Foundation is also a 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to saving lives by helping find a cure for cancer and serves as an important partner to the Kay Yow Cancer Fund.

We are pleased to announce an opportunity to submit a grant proposal to research cancers that affect women. Kay Yow Cancer Fund is particularly interested in research proposals focused on uterine or cervical cancer or other cancers that women experience, which have not received as much KYCF research support compared to breast or ovarian cancer.

In addition, the proposed research project should demonstrate a strong commitment and focus on stakeholder and patient engagement in the planning and execution of the research project. Stakeholder engagement is a vital and critical component of the research process and includes patients, caregivers and the broader community. Engaging stakeholders in research builds trust, enhances the quality, design, and impact of the research project, and provides opportunities for researchers to access and increase research participation in their studies.

Responsive applicants should clearly explain how the proposed project will impact the next phase in the translational spectrum whether from observations in the laboratory, clinic and community, into interventions that improve the health of individuals and the public — from diagnostics and therapeutics to medical procedures and behavioral changes. Key aspects of stakeholder engagement should be well thought out and described in both the planning, execution, and dissemination of findings in the research proposal.

Duke Cancer Institute will select applicants for this funding opportunity.

Areas of Interest: 

RESEARCH SCOPE: Research on cancers that affect women-- with a special interest in funding cancers such as cervical or uterine cancer, but research scope could also include gender-neutral cancers that affect both genders (e.g. lung cancer). In addition, the research project should demonstrate the application of stakeholder and patient engagement in the planning and execution of the research, in order to effectively enhance the quality and impact of translational research along the translational research spectrum.

Funding Amount: $1,000,000

GRANT SPECIFICS: Depending on the outcome of scientific review of the submitted proposals, a maximum of one grant will be awarded through this grant cycle in the amount of $250,000 per year to support direct costs only. This grant is renewable on an annual basis for up to an additional 3 years, with a maximum amount of $1,000,000 for the awarded research project

Internal Nomination Description:

The DCI is invited to submit up to three nominees, therefore we will be conducting an internal review of applications.

The following items are required and will be reviewed by the DCI’s Scientific Review Committee: 

A) Applicant’s NIH Biosketch

B) Two (2) page summary including the following information

  1. Title of the proposed research project
  2. Brief description of the research proposal
  3. Brief statement of applicant’s eligibility
  4. Budget and budget justification

Application Deadlines & Information: 

  • Applications for internal review are due to Erin Carr no later than 5 p.m., Monday, February 11 (please send your application in one PDF)
  • Selected nominees will be notified by Thursday, February 21  
  • The sponsor deadline for the selected nominee is March 25, 2019.

Eligibility: Faculty