CTSI Funding Avail. To Foster Community-Research Partnerships (3.29.17)

March 13, 2017
By: Julie Poucher Harbin, Writer, DCI

The Community Engagement Core of the Duke Clinical & Translational Science Institute (CTSI) has announced a new, multi-tiered award program to engage community and academic partners in collaborative research that promotes novel ideas to improve community and population health. The CTSI Population Health Improvement Awards program offers three levels of funding to stimulate and foster community-research partnerships.

Community partners and Duke researchers can request free consultation services with the CTSI Community Engagement Core to facilitate initial matchmaking between potential community and research partners. 

Application Deadline: March 29, 2017 

Eligibility: All applications must have at least one investigator from Duke University (full-time faculty members, doctoral students, postdoctoral trainees, or clinical fellows) and one community partner (e.g., local nonprofits, community organizations, government agencies, or members of practice-based research networks).

For more information: CTSI website