Greenup Hopes To Reel In Big Catch For Breast Cancer Patients

Rachel Greenup, MD, MPHRachel Greenup, MD, MPHBreast cancer surgeon Rachel Greenup, MD, MPH, began running when she was just 11 years old. She was one of six children and there was little opportunity for alone time.

“Running was a way for me to find some peace and quiet in our otherwise crazy household,” she shared. “And it gave me a chance to be outside, my favorite place.”

Greenup has been running ever since. Over the years she has participated in several competitive runs, including the annual Tuna Run 200, an overnight relay in which individuals team up to run a combined 200 miles to the best catch of the day — a tantalizing tuna dinner with all the fixings.

“I love this race,” said Greenup, who with her teammates will participate in the Tuna 200 again this year. “It’s an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of North Carolina in the autumn and experience the local culture.”

Teams of twelve runners alternate running all day and all night, starting in Raleigh, North Carolina, and ending 200 miles later at Atlantic Beach, North Carolina.

“Along the way, we camp out overnight and eat homemade meals provided by local volunteers,” Greenup shared. “There is nothing like running under a harvest moon; it’s unbelievable.”

Greenup’s 12-member team, consisting of faculty from Duke and UNC, is running to benefit the Pretty In Pink Foundation, a local non-profit providing financial assistance for life-saving treatments to breast cancer patients across North Carolina.

Team members will each run approximately 16 to 20 miles divided into three legs. Vans will pick up runners at designated exchange zones along the 200-mile route.

This year’s Tuna 200 takes place on Saturday, Oct. 19. Greenup, a member of its board of directors, hopes she and her team are able to raise $5,000 for the Pretty in Pink Foundation. For more information or to donate, visit Team Greenup.