SpOoktacular Happenings At DCI

October 31, 2018
By: Julie Poucher Harbin, Writer, DCI

“She just flew right into the door,” said grants and contracts manager Debra Colpitts, explaining the witch who apparently smashed face first. 

Chair of the Duke Cancer Institute Finance social committee, Colpitts launched a door decorating and costume contest for the first time this year. 

At least four staff came to work today in disguise — two witches, medusa, and a pirate. A spooky 13 doors and some office interiors are haunted by creepy characters and ghastly ghouls.  

A costumed crew from DCI Prostate & Urologic Oncology research and communications show team spirit. “People don’t always notice the finance people, but we have a really hard-working team,” says Colpitts, a nearly 20-year veteran of Duke University & Health System. “We want to build camaraderie. Because we are all divided into offices, events like these help bring us together as a team.” 

The Center for Onco-Primary Care's Yolanda Robinson, a self-styled "coffee cat" greets staff with tantalizing treats and festive decor. 

And for the first time, the Cancer Control and Population Sciences Research Program, together with the Center for Onco-Primary Care, has mobilized for a Halloween event — a breakfast costume party. 

"We did it to boost morale and have a fun morning event," says CCPS program coordinator Laurel Royer, who's happy to report it was an all-around success. A ghostbuster, a coffee cat, a witch, a chicken, a fox, Miss Viola Swamp, a sugar mama, a birthday witch and Jafar from Disney's Aladdin tried to win votes. 

Over at Duke Cancer Center, it's the second year that Traci Brown, RMA, has "crime-scene taped" the nurses station at Clinic 5-1,Genitourinary Oncology. She also supplies the candy, which she said the patients especially like. 

Leslie Love, a volunteer at the Belk Boutique has painted her face in the style of Shuri from Black Panther. "Wakanda Forever," she laughs. "Happy Halloween."