Explore the Power of Your Voice for Healing

A sound healing and vocal workshop for patients and their loved ones

Voice sound wave

The Power of the Voice

Through the various techniques of sound healing, vocalizing, toning and freewriting, people can gain the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of honoring their own voice and working with their built-in, stress-relieving musical instrument.

The tools and techniques discussed and practiced in this workshop will assist you in daily life. These small actions, when used routinely, will help you to pay mindful attention to your heart and voice, while experiencing the health benefits of sound, vibration and self-expression, with clarity and joy.

Vocal toning creates a vibration that, studies show, promotes healing throughout the body on a cellular level.

In this workshop you will explore breathing techniques, writing for healing, vocal toning and chanting. 


Workshop participants will:

  • feel a reduction in anxiety and a sense of peace and grounding in their own body, mind and spirit
  • learn vocal exercises to help free their voice and experience sound healing
  • learn how to clear chakras for better energy (chi) flow
  • learn tools and techniques to utilize in their daily lives

Meet the Host

Karen Novy Sound HealingKaren Novy has a degree in Music Education with a concentration in voice and piano. She has been a composer for over 30 years and believes wholeheartedly in the power of music to heal, comfort and inspire.

Novy’s music has touched many people, whether she is performing a house concert, playing instrumental music at local cancer centers, performing her one-woman show or teaching workshops.

Her approach to teaching is inclusive; she believes that we all have the power to use our voice for healing and stress relief, and that freeing our voice empowers us in many ways.