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Oncofertility 2


Duke Supportive Care & Survivorship Center's Onco-Fertility Program, provides patients and their families with education and psychosocial support for fertility decision making. We help to facilitate rapid referral to fertility preservation services for cancer patients of reproductive age treated at Duke Cancer Institute or Duke Children’s Hospital and Health Center.

For emergent consults, patients will be seen between 24-48 hours. The onco-fertility program has a designated patient navigator to also provide patient education, assist with placing referrals/ensuring appropriate follow-up and navigating patients through the process. Resources to assist patients with reducing the financial burden of fertility preservation are also available.

In the video below, Kelly Acharya, MD, Reproductive Endocrinologist and Infertility Specialist provides an overview of fertility preservation. She discusses what fertility is, how certain cancer treatments may impact fertility, and what is involved in the fertility preservation process for cancer patients.