Welcome to Virtual Survivorship Day 2020 !

LIVE EVENTS: JUNE 9, 10, 11!
* Find recordings of the live events below


Tuesday, June 9, at 12 Noon

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“Being both a nurse and a cancer survivor, I’m able to understand the cancer patient experience and help patients, especially those newly diagnosed, understand that there is hope." — Valarie Worthy

Duke Cancer Institute and Susan G. Komen Triangle to Coast hosted an expert panel discussion and on a variety of topics related breast cancer and survivorship. This virtual event was open to everyone who has faced breast cancer, regardless of where they are in their journey.

The panel was moderated by Teresa Dunlap, VP, Komen NCTC Board of Directors, who's a breast cancer survivor herself.


Susan Dent, MD, FRCPC
Medical Oncologist with a focus on breast cancer
Co-Director, Duke Cardio-Oncology Program
Associate Director of Breast Cancer Clinical Research
Duke Cancer Institute

Cheyenne Corbett, PhD, LMFT
Director, Cancer Support and Survivorship
Co-Director, Center for Onco-Primary Care
Duke Cancer Institute

Valarie Worthy, MSN, RN
Manager, Patient Navigation
Duke Cancer Institute



Wednesday, June 10, at 3 p.m.


Special Eats chef Sueson Vess provided a Facebook LIVE cooking demonstration on Duke Cancer Institute's Facebook page titled "Building Our Immunity to Become an Unwelcome Host". Vess guided viewers to choose Foods with Benefits -- foods that they enjoy and that are both beneficial and healing, and at the same time reduce or avoid foods that can increase inflammation.


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Download "Building Our Immunity to Become an Unwelcome Host" handout

Visit Nutritional Well-Being and Wellness Activities for more of Vess's cooking demonstrations and recipes. 

Thursday, June 11, at 6 p.m.



ComMotion, Community in Motion, hosted a live class using Zoom for a fun introduction to Latin dances, such as the Cha Cha and Merengue. You are invited to dance by yourself or with a partner, standing up or sitting down.  No prior dance experience is needed!

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ComMotion's mission is to enable everyone to get a chance to experience the many health benefits of dance, regardless of their age, ability, or circumstances. Founded by a cancer survivor and disabled veteran who found health and happiness through dance and wanted to share it with others. This dynamic duo have taught classes in person and online for more than 10,000 students of all ages and abilities, including cancer survivors, military veterans, seniors, and kids. 

View the video below to learn more about ComMotion and the Healthy Movements dance classes offered specifically for cancer survivors.