DCI Trainee Membership


DCI Trainee Membership is open to Duke University students (undergraduate, graduate, medical, nursing), postdoctoral scholars/associates, residents, and clinical fellows that participate in academic cancer research at the Duke Cancer Institute.

Benefits and Expectations

Benefits of being a DCI Trainee Member:

  • Eligibility to apply for DCI Annual Scientific Retreat Presentation Awards
  • Opportunity to attend DCI events and activities, such as Annual Scientific Retreat, Research Program Meetings and Retreats, DCI Seminar Series
  • Receive quarterly DCI Training and Education Newsletter and other communication announcing cancer-relevant news, events, funding and training opportunities within the DCI
  • Opportunity to have your grant pre-reviewed through the DCI Internal Grant Review process

Expectations of a DCI Trainee Member:

  • Submit in a timely and accurate manner annual requests for career updates for up to five years after completion of training at Duke University.