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August Newsmakers

Read here for a sample of some of the DCI physicians, physician-scientists, researchers and nurses whose work is featured in the media and academic journals, including Gita Suneja, MD; Rachel Greenup, MD; Judd Moul, MD; Cristina Gasparetto, MD; and many more. It is continuously being updated...

Natural Molecule Appears to Shut Off Cancer Cells’ Energy Source

The Warburg Effect describes a phenomenon in which cancer cells voraciously consume glucose for energy — something scientists have long known, yet have had little success exploiting as a way to stunt tumor growth. Now researchers at Duke Cancer Institute have not only untangled an unusual wiring...

June Newsmakers

Read here for a sample of some of the DCI physicians, physician-scientists and researchers whose work was featured in the media and academic journals this month. This list includes Arif Kamal, MD, MBA, MH; Thomas LeBlanc, MD, MA; Jason Locasale, PhD; and many more.

How Common Chemotherapy Drugs Work

A study by scientists at Duke Health is providing insight into how certain commonly-used chemotherapy drugs work, potentially opening new ways to enhance the benefits of treatment for cancer patients. The scientists focused on antimetabolites, chemotherapy drugs that target metabolism in cancer...