Board of Advisors

The Duke Cancer Institute Development Board of Advisors assists Duke Cancer Institute in its mission to harness breakthrough discoveries that drive global advances in treatments and cures. Board members support Duke Cancer Institute as knowledgeable advocates, passionate ambassadors and generous donors. 


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DCI Development Board members help in identifying and cultivating both financial and non-financial resources necessary to achieve the specific objectives in the strategic plan and new initiatives as they emerge. 

To learn about the nomination process for the Board of Advisors, contact the Development Office at 919.385.3120.


Duke Cancer Institute Board of Advisors

Mr. Jonathan B. Wigser, Chair

Ms. Leslie Ann Graves, Vice Chair

Mr. Matthew Altman

Mrs. Sherry Marin Altman

Mrs. Karen Armstrong

Mrs. Gwin Carter Barr

Ms. Donna A. Bernstein

Mr. Bill K. Caler Jr.

Mr. Frank Courtney

Mr. Chad Warren Fauser

Mr. James Gerard Gereghty, Jr.

Mr. Richard T. Gieryn Jr.

Mr. Jonathan W. Levin

Mrs. Margaret Lindenberger

Mrs. Marlene A. Malek

Mr. Carlton Maner

Mrs. Diane Ceil Mauk

Mrs. Elizabeth Menges

Mr. Peter Menges

Ms. Donna Wengert Neff

Mrs. Betsy S. Oakley

Mr. Arthur M. Pappas

Mrs. Amy L. Perry

Mr. Dan W. Perry

Mrs. Anne Powell

Mrs. Jennifer Smith

Mrs. Alice M. Stanback

Mr. Fred Jennings Stanback Jr.

Mrs. Sue Donathan White

Mr. Myles F. Wittenstein

Ms. Estelle Renee Vernon

Mr. Richard G. Vernon

Mrs. Nancy M. Wright