Host a Fundraiser


Whether you sing, race cars, ride motorcycles, make fabulous lemonade, cycle or walk, you can make a difference when you unite your passion with your commitment to fund cancer research at Duke Cancer Institute. 

Create a page to showcase and promote your efforts. Then encourage your friends and colleagues to join with you in your quest to move research forward. In partnering together, dreams become reality and advances in research and care are realized.

For questions regarding fundraising opportunities with Duke Cancer Institute, please contact us at or via telephone (Erin Tait) at 919.385.2126.

Photo: In September 2016 Duke Raleigh Hospital nurse Daniel Nickels launched a fundraising campaign to raise funds to support breast cancer research at Duke. Uniting his passion for music and songwriting with his commitment to fund a cure, Daniel gave his debut album, The Answer, to supporters donating $10 or more. For more information, go online to Album For A Cure