PVSRIPO in Melanoma

What is the Purpose of this Study?

If you join the study, you will:
- Get the Polio vaccine, PVSRIPO
-- Get 1, 2 or 3 injections depending on when you start in the study
- Have a physical exam and other tests
- Imaging scans (CT scans)
- Biopsy of the tumor on your skin (or just below the skin)
- Be on the study for 12 weeks to 18 weeks, followed by a period of follow-up observation for up to 2 years
What is the Condition Being Studied?
Advanced melanoma

Who Can Participate in this Study?

Adults with stage 3 or stage 4 melanoma who:

- Have been immunized against Polio virus

- Have failed other melanoma therapies

Age Group
Participating Institutions

What is Involved?

We are doing this study to find out if PVSRIPO is safe and how it affects the injected tumor or other tumors.

Study Details

Full Title
A Phase I trial of PVSRIPO for Patients with Unresectable Melanoma
Principal Investigator

Melanoma and other Skin DCI Clinical Research Team
Protocol Number

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