DCI Receives 2017 ACCC Innovator Award

Nadine J. Barrett, PhDNadine J. Barrett, PhDDuke Cancer Institute is among 10 cancer centers named by the Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC) to receive its 2017 Innovator Award.

"These forward-thinking Cancer Program Members have created innovative strategies for the effective delivery of cancer care," announced the ACCC. 

Through its Office of Health Equity and Disparities (OHED), DCI developed a five-step roadmap for conducting health assessments designed to reduce cancer disparities and improve population health through community partnerships. The program includes the development of an engaged and diverse community advisory council, robust and collaborative health assessments, programs and services, research priorities, aligned partnership programming and programmatic evaluations and outcome measures.

"We are excited to receive the community engagement part of the innovator award primarily because it really exemplifies the partnership that we have been building within the DCI and amongst our community partners and our patients over the past four to five years now," said director of OHED, Nadine Barrett, PhD. "In order for us to move forward in improving cancer disparities in screening across the continuum, those partnerships and collaborations are critical. We have really broadened our impact."

Office of Health Equities and Disparities outreach activities are multi-faceted — from breast, prostate, lung, and colon cancer screening campaigns to getting a diversity of patients involved in clinical trials and participation in research. The 17-member community advisory council — soon to expand to 20 members — is comprised of patients, caregivers, and representatives from local and state-level governmental and non-governmental organizations and initiatives that cut across racial, ethnic and religious lines. The office works with a diversity of partners from the African American, Latino, and Asian communities and is building relationships with the Muslim and LGBTQ communities as well. 

Innovator Award recipients will present their creative, replicable programs at the ACCC 34th National Oncology Conference, October 18 through October 20, in Nashville, Tennessee. Download article.