January Newsmakers

Dr. Rachel Greenup Appointed Chief of Breast Surgical Oncology at Yale
Features Rachel Greenup, MPH, FACS

Triangle COVID-19 vaccine recipients describe experiences after shot, anticipate 2nd dose (WNCN)
Features Julius Wilder, MD, PhD

Coronavirus Vaccinations Expand to Large Arenas, Public Places (NBC Now)
Features Julius Wilder, MD, PhD

Biden administration issues travel restrictions for COVID (NBC News Now)
Features Julius Wilder, MD, PhD

“Working Mom Wednesday’s” Cervical Cancer Awareness (FM 103.9)
Megan Huchko, MD

NCCN Shares New Guidance Principles for Vaccinating People with Cancer Against COVID-19
Features Jennifer Saullo, MD

New Resource for Survivors from NCCN Helps Guide Life After Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment (NCCN)
Features Sophia Smith, PhD

WATCH: Contemporary Management of CLL (OncLive)
Features Danielle Brander, MD

Oral Medicines & Targeted Therapies to Treat Bone Pain: What You Need to Know (Survivor.net)
Features Julia Visgauss, MD, and Alan Alper Sag, MD

Surgery to Treat Bone Pain: What you Need to Know (Survivor.net)
Features Julia Visgauss, MD, and Alan Alper Sag, MD

Deciding Whether to Receive the COVID-19 Vaccine — and Which One — As More Are Authorized for Emergency Use by the FDA (Cure Today)
Features Tian Zhang, MD

Half of women treated for gynecologic cancers miss or skip doses of oral drugs (MD Edge & Hematology Times)
Features Catherine Watson, MD

Ask the Experts: Common questions about kidney cancer and COVID-19 (Kidney Cancer Association)
Features Tian Zhang, MD

Sizing Up the COVID-19 Vaccines: What Patients w/ Cancer Should Know (Cure Today)
Features Duke University School of Medicine

Parsing Out Remaining Questions With CDK4/6 Inhibitors in HR+ Breast Cancer (OncLive)
Features Sarah Sammons, MD

Low Tumor Mutation Levels Improve Response to Immunotherapy in Recurrent Glioblastoma (Clinical OMICS)
Features David Ashley, PhD

LISTEN (Podcast) Episode 19: The Other Cancer Crisis: The Financial Burden with CEO and founder Carla Tardif along with Yousuf Zafar, M.D. Chief Quality and Innovation Officer at Duke Cancer Institute   (InsideOut with Mike Alkire)

Duke medical school appoints chief science and digital officer (Becker's Health IT)

“Everything Reminds Me of a Story:” Nobel Laureate Bob Lefkowitz, MD, publishes memoir
Features Robert Lefkowitz, MD

Eight School scientists make Cell Mentor's 1,000 Inspiring Black Scientist list (Duke SoM)
Features Joab Odera, PhD

The Cancer Microbiome Reveals Which Bacteria Live in Tumors (Pratt School of Engineering)
Features Xiling Shen, PhD, MSc

The Physics Behind Tumor Growth (Pratt School of Engineering)
Features Ehsan Samei, PhD, and Adrian Bejan, PhD

At Duke, the Future of Pathology Lies in AI (Pratt School of Engineering)
Features Michael Datto, MD, PhD

Chen Receives Mark Slive Foundation Award (Duke Pathology)
Features Ming Chen, PhD

Academic Recordings

DUH Community Connections "Ask the Experts" : COVID-19 Vaccine (2.10.21)
*Recording of the 1.12.21 Community Connections webinar

  • Immune mediated Myositis and Myalgia's: Diagnosis and management for the non- Rheumatologist
  • Immune mediated Inflammatory Arthritis: Challenges in diagnosis and management
  • Breaking down the diagnosis and management of Immune Hypophysitis

DCI Advanced Practice Lecture Series
WATCH: “Oral Complications of Cancer Treatment” (DCI intranet)
Features Katharine “Kate” Ciarrocca, DMD, MSEd


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*Duke authors are bolded