AI & Computational Pathology Division Launched

Carolyn Glass and Laura Barisoni
Laura Barisoni MD, PhD, and Carolyn Glass MD, PhD

I am pleased to announce that the Duke Department of Pathology/Duke Clinical Labs has established the Division of Artificial Intelligence and Computational Pathology, in partnership with Duke Artificial Intelligence (AI) Health directed by Dr. Lawrence Carin, James L. Meriam Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and leading world expert in the field of AI.

The Division will be led by co-directors Drs. Carolyn Glass and Laura Barisoni, MD, PhD.

The development of new powerful analytic tools is rapidly transforming the field of pathology.

Computational pathology will progressively be integrated with many aspects of health care, a phenomenon that has already happened in other diagnostic fields such as Radiology. Over the past several years, Duke has invested in machine learning experts and launched several ambitious projects to integrate Duke Health and Duke Engineering closer together. A new campus-wide initiative focused on AI solutions for health care has already sprung forth and leveraged machine learning to impact human health. With this new partnership, the Duke Department of Pathology is positioning itself to be one of the centers leading such transformation in pathology and medicine in general.
The overall mission of the Division of Artificial Intelligence and Computational Pathology is to guide and develop human-centered AI technologies to enhance pathologic diagnosis for the classification, prediction, and prognostication of diseases, by supporting novel translational research to improve patient care. Through this initiative, the Department will also aim to enhance professional development of faculty, staff and trainees, and the integration of pathology derived information with other domains in a way that was not possible before.

I would like to thank Drs. Glass and Barisoni for dedicating their time and effort to lead the Division, Drs. Shannon McCall, Diana Cardona, Michael Datto, and Rajesh Dash for their contribution to launching this important initiative, and Dr. Lawrence Carin/AI Health for their partnership.