April Newsmakers


NCCN 2020 Annual Report  
(Participation of individuals from member institutions starts on page 50)

COVID-19 and Cancer Care: Lessons Learned 1 Year Later (Onc Live)
Features Tian Zhang, MD, and Michael Morse, MD

Despite COVID Hardships, Americans Still Help Others With Medical Bills (Medscape)
Features Yousuf Zafar, MD

Startup co-founded by Duke health execs aims to help people with multiple chronic health conditions (WRAL Techwire)
Features Ralph Snyderman, MD

Vaccination expansion could help close health care gap among historically marginilized communities (WRAL)
Features Kearston Ingraham, MPH

10x Success Rate. 2x Enrollment. Inside Duke’s Smoking Cessation Program (Healthcare IT Today)
Features Jill Dirkes, LCSW

The Role of Androgen Receptor (AR) in Liquid Biopsy to Predict Clinical Outcome to AR Signaling Inhibitors in Metastatic Castration Resistance Prostate Cancer Patients - Editorial (Uro Today)
Features Andrew Armstrong, MD, MSc

Big data dreams for tiny technologies (MIT News)
Features Daniel Reker, ScD

How to Start Healing During a Season of Grief (New York Times)
Features Kate Bowler

A Healthy Diet and Exercise as a Preventative Measure and Cancer Therapy Treatment (Finding Genius Podcast – Player FM)
Features Colin Champ, MD, CSCS

Starting Monday, Patients Can Read Your Notes: 5 Key Things (Medscape)
Features Thomas LeBlanc, MD

Hormonal IUD Shows Promise in Early Endometrial Cancer — Regression seen in 82% of women with precancerous lesions (MedPageToday)
Features Angeles Alvarez Secord, MD, MHSc


DoD Awards Grant to Park (Dept. of Pathology)
Features Jung Wook Park, PhD

Macias Receives DoD Grant (Dept. of Pathology)
Features Everardo Macias, PhD

Duke-Led Team Finds Why Women May Be Better Equipped to Fight COVID
Features Xiling Shen, PhD

Duke Regional Opens New Behavioral Health Center and Emergency Department (Duke Health News)

Celebrating Women's History Month (Duke Radiation Oncology)
Features Manisha Palta, MD; Nicole Larrier, MD, MS; Robyn Roehm, BS, CMD; Kathryn Sullivan, BS, RT(R)(T); Kim DeBaun, RN, BSN, CNML; Oana Craciunescu, PhD


Circulating tumor cell chromosomal instability and neuroendocrine phenotype by immunomorphology and poor outcomes in men with mCRPC treated with abiraterone or enzalutamide Clinical Cancer Research. April 5, 2021 Landon C. Brown*, Susan Halabi*, Joseph D. Schonhoft, Qian Yang, Jun Luo, David M. Nanus, Paraskevi Giannakakou, Russell Z. Szmulewitz, Daniel C. Danila, Ethan S. Barnett, Emily A. Carbone, Jimmy L. Zhao, Patrick Healy, Monika Anand, Audrey Gill, Adam Jendrisak, William R. Berry, Santosh Gupta, Simon G. Gregory, Richard Wenstrup, Emmanuel S. Antonarakis, Daniel J George, Howard I. Scher, and Andrew J. Armstrong.
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Mobile Application to Identify Cancer Treatment–Related Financial Assistance: Results of a Randomized Controlled Trial  JCO Oncology Practice. April 2, 2001. Aaron M. Tarnasky , MPH; George N. Tran , MD; Jonathan Nicolla, MBA; Fred A. P. Friedman , BS; Steven Wolf, MS; Jesse D. Troy, PhD; Anthony D. Sung , MD; Kanan Shah, BS; Jakob Oury, BS; Jillian C. Thompson, BS; Ben Gagosian, BS; Kathryn I. Pollak, PhD; Ian Manners, MBA; and S. Yousuf Zafar , MD, MHS.