December Newsmakers

Media & Trades

50-year war on cancer: Decades spent improving survival rates (WNCN CBS-17)
Features patient Tara Wilkes and Steven Patierno, PhD

Woman's full life illustrative of Duke institute's commitment to 'War on Cancer' (WRAL NBC-5)
Features patient Renee Garber and Steven Patierno, PhD

2021 ISGIO Meeting Packed With Multidisciplinary Updates in Gastrointestinal Cancers
Features John Strickler, MD

Cancer patients face higher mortality rates in states without Medicaid expansion (Charleston City Paper)
Features Nosayaba Osazuwa-Peters, MPH, PhD

Caregivers of childhood cancer survivors concerned about COVID-19 vaccines (HealthDay)
Features Courtney Wimberly, MSc
Recap: Experts review management of chronic GVHD (Cancer Network)
Features Nelson Chao, MD
Features Jeremy Force, DO

Scotland Health Welcomes New Breast Surgeon (Scotland Health)
Features Hannah Woriax, MD


Spotlight on Breast Cancer

On Oct. 26, OncLive, in collaboration with the Duke Cancer Institute Breast Cancer Disease Group, hosted an "Institutional Perspectives in Cancer" (IPC) webinar on breast cancer.

Find articles/video clips covering this event, below:

Progress Made Across Breast Cancer Paradigm Sets the Stage for Improved Sequencing and Future Research (OncLive)
Features Sarah Sammons, MD (event chair), Gretchen Kimmick, MD, MS, Kelly Westbrook, MD, Susan Dent, MD, Carey Anders, MD

ICYMI at Duke

$50K Gift Enables New Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Opportunities, includes
Technology-Assisted Smoking Cessation
(Duke Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences)
Features Sarah M. Wilson, PhD

Grant to Head Dept. of Neurosurgery (Duke Health News)
Features Gerald Arthur Grant, MD
One Month Before Shutting Down his Lab, Paul Modrich Looks Back on his Pathway to the Nobel (Duke Office of Scientific Integrity)
Features Paul Modrich, MD


Dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance images of breast cancer patients with tumor locations (Duke-Breast-Cancer-MRI) Cancer Imaging Archive Dec. 20, 2021

Defining cardiovascular toxicities of cancer therapies: an International Cardio-Oncology Society (IC-OS) consensus statement European Heart Journal Dec. 14, 2021 Joerg Herrmann, (Chair), Daniel Lenihan, (Co-chair), Saro Armenian, Ana Barac, Anne Blaes, Daniela Cardinale, Joseph Carver, Susan Dent, Bonnie Ky, Alexander R Lyon, Teresa López-Fernández, Michael G Fradley, Sarju Ganatra, Giuseppe Curigliano, Joshua D Mitchell, Giorgio Minotti, Ninian N Lang, Jennifer E Liu, Tomas G Neilan, Anju Nohria, Rupal O'Quinn, Iskra Pusic, Charles Porter, Kerry L Reynolds, Kathryn J Ruddy, Paaladinesh Thavendiranathan, Peter Valent

Special issue: advances in the multimodality management of brain metastases and ongoing approaches to further improve their treatment Neuro-Oncology Advances Nov. 2021 Jeffrey A Zuccato, Gelareh Zadeh, Carey K Anders, David B Shultz, Priscilla K Brastianos

Laser interstitial thermal therapy for brain metastases Neuro-Oncology Advances Nov. 27, 2021 Ethan S Srinivasan, Matthew M Grabowski, Brian V Nahed, Gene H Barnett, Peter E Fecci

Advances in the management of breast cancer brain metastases Neuro-Oncology Advances  Nov. 2021 Sarah Sammons, Amanda E D Van Swearingen, Caroline Chung, Carey K Anders

Preservation of neurocognitive function in the treatment of brain metastases Neuro-Oncology Advances Nov. 27, 2021 Michael W Parsons, Katherine B Peters, Scott R Floyd, Paul Brown, Jeffrey S Wefel

The microenvironment of brain metastases from solid tumors Neuro-Oncology Advances  Nov. 2021 Ethan S Srinivasan, Krutika Deshpande, Josh Neman, Frank Winkler, Mustafa Khasraw

Incidence and Risk of Suicide Among Patients With Head and Neck Cancer in Rural, Urban, and Metropolitan Areas JAMA Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. July 23, 2021 Nosayaba Osazuwa-Peters, BDS, PhD, MPH, CHES; Justin M. Barnes, MD, MS; Somtochi I. Okafor, MD; Derian B. Taylor, BS; Adnan S. Hussaini, MD; Eric Adjei Boakye, PhD; Matthew C. Simpson, MPH; Evan M. Graboyes, MD, MPH; Walter T. Lee, MD, MHS.


2021 DCI E-NEWS Archive

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