January Newsmakers

The Spirit of Beguinet (Duke Sports)
Features Duke Fencing Team Manager, Cancer Survivor Elizabeth Beguinet

Life And Work On The Brink Of Death: Meet Pediatric Oncologist Ray Barfield (WUNC)
Features Ray Barfield, MD

Should women stop getting mammograms? Imaging experts explain (Health Imaging)
Features E. Shelley Hwang, MD 

Price of 40-year-old cancer drug hiked 1,400% by new owners (CBS News)
Features Henry S. Friedman, MD

Watch: MSNBC's Hallie Jackson Talks With Former FDA Commissioner About Price Of Lifesaving Cancer Drug Skyrocketing 1400 Percent
Features Robert Califf, MD

For leukemia patients, transfusion needs may delay hospice care (Duke Health News)
Features Thomas LeBlanc, MD

NAI Selects Three Duke Faculty for 2017 Fellow Class (Photonics Media)
Features Nimmi Ramanujam, PhD, and Tuan Vo-Dinh, PhD

WATCH: Options With Genetic Testing in Ovarian Cancer (OncLive)
Features Angeles Secord, MD

WATCH: Dr. Gasparetto on Selinexor and Daratumumab Combination in Multiple Myeloma (OncLive)
Features Cristina Gasparetto, MD

WATCH: Risk Assessment for Myeloma (OncLive)
Features Cristina Gasparetto, MD

WATCH: Approaching the Treatment of Nonmetastatic CRPC (OncLive)
Features Judd W. Moul, MD 

The importance of genetic testing (LiveMint)
Features Randy Jirtle, PhD

Two children who survived cancer collect Christmas presents for other kids at Duke Children's Hospital (WTVD ABC 11)

Julie Ann Sosa, MD, MA, FACS, Appointed As Chair of Surgery (UCSF)

WATCH: Dr. Zhang on Toxicities of Treatments in RCC (OncLive)
Features Tian Zhang, MD

WATCH: Immunotherapy in Second-Line Advanced Bladder Cancer (OncLive)
Features Daniel George, MD

Enzalutamide in the Context of Nonmetastatic CRPC (OncLive)
Features Judd Moul, MD

Genetic analysis clarifies stomach cancer risk factors (Futurity.org)
Features Duke-NUS (Singapore) researchers

Starving cancer cells of sugar -- does it work? (Science Daily)
Features Koji Itahana, PhD 


JAMA Oncology Most Talked About Articles of 2017; JAMA newsletter. This list includes article "Out-of-Pocket Costs, Financial Distress, and Underinsurance in Cancer Care" by Fumiko Chino, MD; Jeffrey M. Peppercorn, MD, MPH; Christel Rushing, MS; Arif H. Kamal, MD, MHS; Ivy Altomare, MD; Greg Samsa, PhD; S. Yousuf Zafar, MD, MHS.

Paracrine Wnt5a-β-Catenin Signaling Triggers a Metabolic Program that Drives Dendritic Cell TolerizationCell, January 16, 2018; Fei Zhao, Christine Xiao, Kathy S. Evans, Tbalamayooran Theivanthiran, Nicholas DeVito, Alisha Holtzhausen, Juan Liu, Xiaojing Liu, David Boczkowski, Smita Nair, Jason W. Locasale, Brent A. Hanks.

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The evolving landscape of metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer: a critical review of the evidence for adding docetaxel or abiraterone to androgen deprivation; Nature, published online December 20, 2017. Megan McNamara, Christopher Sweeney, Emmanuel S. Antonarakis & Andrew J. Armstrong.

The Role of Adjuvant Chemotherapy Following Neoadjuvant Treatment in Rectal Cancer; 2018 GI Cancers Symposium, January 11, 2018. Daphna Y. Spiegel, MD, MS; Hope Uronis, MD, MHS; Brian G. Czito, MD; Christopher G. Willett, MD; Manisha Palta, MD.

Estimating Cost-effectiveness of a Multimodal Ovarian Cancer Screening Program in The United States; JAMA Oncology, published online December 7, 2017. Haley A. Moss, MD, MBAAndrew Berchuck, MDMegan L. Neely, PhDEvan R. Myers, MD, MPHLaura J. Havrilesky, MD, MHSc.

My Unfortunate Introduction Into the Financial Toxicity of Cancer Care in America—March ForthJAMA Oncology, published online December 7, 2017. Fumiko Chino, MD.

Cancer cachexia: Are we ready to take a step forward? Cancer, published online before print December 4, 2017. Jeffrey Crawford, MD. 

In Vivo Detection of HSP90 Identifies Breast Cancers with Aggressive BehaviorClinical Cancer Research, December, 2017. Takuya OsadaKensuke Kaneko; William R. Gwin; Michael A. MorseAmy Hobeika; Brian W. Pogue; Zachary C. HartmanPhilip F. HughesTimothyHaystead; and H. Kim Lyerly.