March Newsmakers

Mom sings to her terminally ill son (The News & Observer)

Mother Plays Emotional Song At Hospital For 1-Yr-Old Son With Terminal Epilepsy (

Mom sings poignant song to her critically ill baby boy at Duke Cancer Center, and it's beautiful (

Mother plays emotional song at hospital for 1-year-old son with terminal epilepsy (

Mother plays emotional song at hospital for one-year-old son with terminal epilepsy (

New tricks in canine cancer research may improve treatments for humans, too (The Washington Post)
Features Duke Cancer Institute

Early HER2+ Breast Cancer May Develop an Immunosuppressive Phenotype After Therapy (Cancer Network/Oncology
Features Jeremy Force, MD

David Ashley Selected as Director of Duke's Brain Tumor Center (Targeted Oncology)
Features David Ashley, MBBS, FRACP, PhD 

WATCH: Daniel J. George, MD, on how genomics are being incorporated into prostate cancer treatment (ObR)
Features Daniel George, MD 

Guidelines aim to reduce treatment disparities for people with HIV diagnosed with cancer (Healio
Features Gita Suneja, MD

Nurses Can Help in Multidisciplinary Management of HIV-Infected Cancer (Oncology Nursing News)
Features Gita Suneja, MD

NCCN Establishes Guidelines for Treating People With HIV and Cancer (Cure Today)
Features Gita Suneja, MD

WATCH: Dr. Thomas LeBlanc: Patients With Blood Cancer and Palliative Care (AJMC)
Features Thomas Leblanc, MD

WATCH: Considerations for Initiating ADT in Prostate Cancer (OncLive)
Features Daniel George, MD

WATCH: Risk Stratification in Nonmetastatic Prostate Cancer (OncLive)
Features Daniel George, MD

Morse Highlights Recent Developments in mCRC, Other GI Cancers (OncLive)
Features Michael Morse, MD

WATCH: Dr. Morse Reflects on Recent Data in Advanced CRC (OncLive)
Features Michael Morse, MD

Managing Patients After Adjuvant Therapy (OncLive)
Features Michael Morse, MD

Expert Highlights Promising Research in mCRC and Other GI Cancers (OncLive)
Features Michael Morse, MD

WATCH: Pearls of Wisdom for the Field of NSCLC (OncLive)
Features Thomas E. Stinchcombe, MD 

WATCH: Dr. Stinchcombe on Advances in Targeted Therapies in NSCLC (OncLive)
Features Thomas Stinchcombe, MD

A Phase III Trial of Pembrolizumab as Adjuvant Treatment for Renal Cell Carcinoma (OncLive)
Features Tian Zhang, MD

WATCH: Dr. Clarke on the State of Biomarkers in NSCLC (OncLive)
Features Jeffrey Clarke, MD

V Foundation grants total $25M in 2017 (Triangle Business Journal)
Features Consortium for Canine Comparative Oncology; Michael Kastan, MD, PhD; Qingy Wei, MD, PhD

Mobile App Gateway Announces Funding Awardees (Duke CTSI)
Features Gayathri Devi, PhD, Larisa Gearhart-Serna; Whitney Lane, MD; Jacob Ukleja

Student Spotlight: Rita Masese ’18 is Scaling up Impact as a Physician in Kenya (Duke Global Health Institute blog)

Who Was Christopher Columbus? Experts Near Astonishing Consensus (London News Journal)
Features Manuel Rosa


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