New Comprehensive Guide on Thyroid Nodules and Cancer

According to Sanziana Roman, MD, and Julie Ann Sosa, MD, Division of Advanced Oncologic and Gastrointestinal Surgery, thyroid nodules continue to be a common problem worldwide. Though many nodules are benign, anxiety on the part of both the physician and patient can cause unnecessary interventions to take place.

To provide a solution, Roman and Sosa recognized the need for physician education concerning treatment and collaborated with experts in a variety of fields to produce a comprehensive guide to understanding thyroid nodules and cancer. The guide, titled "Management of Thyroid Nodules and Differentiated Thyroid Cancer," will be published next month.

According to the book’s preface, the guide is organized through patient presentation scenarios, offering physicians an easy-to-follow approach for a variety of cases.  

“We are very proud of it. It is the product of the collaboration of some of the pre-eminent scholars and clinicians in surgery, endocrinology, medicine, oncology, pathology and pediatrics from Duke, and the national and international communities,” said Roman. 

Book Description 

Circle photo caption: Sanziana Roman, MD