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Introducing Winter 2021 Breakthroughs: Finding the Answers, Together

Breakthroughs Cover Winter 2021It takes all of us—scientists, physicians, nurses, donors, volunteers, patients, and families—to defeat an enemy as formidable as cancer. Heather Paradis fits into many of those categories—nurse practitioner, donor, volunteer, and caregiver of a family member. You will be inspired by the story of how she is using all of her experiences to help others.

In this issue of Breakthroughs, you will also learn about a $3.5 million grant that Duke Cancer Institute (DCI) has received from the National Cancer Institute to develop new ways to understand why certain cancers are more common and more aggressive among some populations. This grant builds on DCI’s long-standing efforts in health disparities, some of which was previously funded by a DCI Pilot Grant and grants from the V Foundation for Cancer Research and the Lung Cancer Initiative of North Carolina. When you hear good news about large federal grant awards, what often isn’t mentioned is the years of work the researchers devoted to gathering enough data to win them. That early work is where philanthropy often plays a key role.

You’ll also read here about the latest in new treatments for breast cancer, even for advanced disease. One such new treatment now in clinical trials, lasofoxifene, had made it to the clinic only because of the inspiration and work of several dedicated Duke trainees and scientists. READ "WINTER 2021 BREAKTHROUGHS"