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We invite you to share your story to help raise awareness. If you have been or are being treated for cancer at Duke or if you are a caregiver, we'd like to know how cancer care, research or clinical trials at Duke has affected your life. Are you a donor? If so, please consider sharing you story. Tell us why you choose to team up with Duke Cancer Institute. For more information or to share your story, please contact Elisabeth Wharton, Assistant Director of Annual Giving, DCI Development.

The Patient Who Changed Cancer

Peter Morrissette’s life was changed forever by cancer. The father of three who loved to play ice hockey and compete in triathlons lost a leg to sarcoma (soft tissue cancer). But Morrissette, of Cary, North Carolina, has also helped change cancer. He was one of 15 patients who were the first to...

Thirteen Years and Counting

No one would say it’s a good thing to be diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor at age 30. But Sabrina Lewandowski insists it has changed her life for the better. "Having cancer that early in life made me rethink things," she says. "It has given me time to change myself as a person and live a...

Grateful For Life

On a February Monday night, Lori Elliott, her husband Daniel, and their two children celebrated the end of her active treatment for breast cancer. "We had a birthday cake, and my daughter kept singing happy birthday," Elliott says. "I tried to explain to her that it's not my birthday, but then I...

Choosing Preventive Double Mastectomy

With a long history of aggressive breast cancer in her family, Kesha Dozier of Raleigh decided, with her doctor's advice, to take matters into her own hands and undergo a preventive double mastectomy. "Taking preventive action makes me feel really confident," she said about her decision. Taking...

The Silver Lining in a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Like many women, Jean Costa found her breast cancer diagnosis to be the beginning of a journey. During Jean Costa's treatment at the Duke Cancer Center, she was grateful for the support she received from the Duke Cancer Patient Support Program (DCSP). So grateful, in fact, that when she finished...